Needels and Ink

I left 2018 for educational leave and started to learn how to tattoo with an old tattoo artist. I then attended further tattoo education in Innsbruck and after that I worked in a tattoo studio in Vienna for one year. After that I got the business license and started to work part-time in a hat shop, part-time I did some tattooing. The journey was quite bumpy and packed with setbacks. Besides that more and more very nice illustration and graphic design projects stumbled in and in the end I decided to close the tattoo chapter for now. But I learned so much on the way. Providing design service in a way more personal level, creating lines and shapes, that would go under an other persons skin. I have great respect for tattoo as an art and I am very grateful for every single session, all the trust I got from so many amazing people. The teaching I got from tattooing is irreplaceable.