Cabinski is a little village of tiny holiday homes. The little cabins are placed in my childhood mountains, which pulls all the nostalgic strings for me. They aren’t only surrounded by the most beautiful nature, they’re small architectonic artworks themselves. Minimalisticly shaped, built out of wood, arranged together in a garden of herbs.


The team of Cabinski started a campaign, where they were looking for artists, who would provide an artwork to hang in the cabins. Approximately 250 artworks were submitted under the hashtag #cabinskiart. Out of these submissions, 10 artworks – one per cabin – were chosen. I am quite proud that they picked both of the artworks, that I submitted. You can read about the project here.


I feel deep love for the region, where I grew up, and I highly encourage every beautiful thing happening there. I consider Cabinski as one of those things, which makes me especially happy to play a small part in it. Thank you, Lena, for your wonderful pictures.


end of 2020



photos by

Lena Everding